Wheel Straightening

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If you are experiencing vibration or shaking from your steering wheel or excessive tire wear, then its likely that your alloy wheel is bent. No matter how minor the damage is, it will still have consequences on the ongoing health of your car. Out of shape wheels not only destroy your tires but the vibrations can cause serious damage to the steering and suspension of your vehicle.

Wheel Innovations is the local expert on wheel straightening. Our professional straightening process can save you a significant amount of money versus purchasing a new wheel.

Even if you think your wheel is too badly damaged to be straightened, ask us to inspect your wheel. Our technicians are highly skilled at wheel straightening and you will be amazed at what they can achieve!

Wheel Straightening Process

At Wheel Innovations, we have invested in precise wheel straightening equipment. This equipment, coupled with the experience and skill of our technicians, enables us to straighten and repair damaged wheels.

First, the tire must be removed from the wheel because there is no way to accurately fix a bent alloy wheel with the tire on. The straightening process involves attaching the wheel to the machine and using a combination of heating the wheel and using pressure to press out any bends in the heated metal. The operator then uses their skill to determine the correct balance of heat and pressure required to transform the wheel back to its correct shape.

If a tire is provided at the time of service, the tire can be mounted and balanced back onto the wheel.


$25 to check if wheel is bent (Specialized, aftermarket or oversized wheels might incur an extra charge)

$130 to straighten (Specialized, aftermarket or oversized wheels might incur an extra charge)

“Great Service and communication despite holiday break these guys fixed my stock rim just in time ! A++++++++”